Hackathon The Demo

hackathon the demoYesterday, I wrote a blog about my participation in a hackathon and the learnings I got from it.

Today I will show you the results of my team by means of the demo we presented at the FRISS Profdays.

FRISSURE – our fake insurance company

First, let me introduce the different ‘personas’ in our demo.

  • Steve, the story teller (= Yoram)
  • Anita, the regular client (= Rita)
  • Karl, the keyboard kid (= Elmer)
  • Udo, the underwriter (= Thomas)
  • Max, the manager (= Elmer)
  • Tony, the top manager (= nobody – we ran out of time)

Our story would be voiced over by a real story teller, which would be one of our marketers, being Yoram. The story is all about a fake insurance company: FRISSURE (a FRISS company, naturally).

Anita, the regular client

Fiat-500-2016-white-track-frontIn the first part of the story, Anita was introduced, and it was me who was having the honor to crawl into the skin of Anita. Anita bought a brand new car, a FIAT 500, and was in direct need for a straight forward car insurance, preferably a not too expensive polis.

To do so, she was surfing to the website of FRISSURE.

Elmer, in real life one of our product consultants, would roll the keyboard during the demo being Karl, the keyboard kid.

Beneath you can see some examples of the online pages Anita would need to fill in. These fake website pages were programmed by Erwin, who is a software developer in ordinary life. (Click on the picture and the readability will be better while appearing in a new window).


Hackathon the demo

Start filling in your license plate

Hackathon the demo 2

Fill in your personal details – especially look at who’s driving the car normally!

Hackathon the demo 4

Choose your coverage by clicking the box

In the story Anita is getting a green labeled FRISS Score®, so after filling in her personal details, she almost immediately receives a mail from FRISSURE telling her that her car was insured, starting the minute she accepts the FRISSURE insurance proposal.

Udo, the underwriter

After this clients view on the underwriting process, the story changes perspective and we start following the work of Udo, one of the underwriters who is working at FRISSURE. Udo was represented by Thomas, our sales manager from Greece, who, in real life, knows a lot about the insurance industry and who was the master architect of our story line.

In the demo we showed some pages of the FRISS software concerning the underwriting process. The first picture shows an overview page in which you can see an amber FRISS score. Udo needs to do some extra investigation here. 

Hackathon the demo 5

Investigating an amber FRISS score

In the right top corner in the circle we see an amber score. In the next page we zoom in on this client. We see that there is a message concerning the age, claim history and more policies (the circle at the bottom).

Hackathon the demo 6

Looking into the amber score

These fake pages were programmed by Robbert, who is in regular life also one of our software developers. The content and figures were delivered by Thomas.

Max, the manager

Peter, also a product consultant, created an overview scheme based on this information for Max, the manager of Udo.

Hackathon the demo 7

Overall results of FRISSURE

In this graph, the perspective changes to Max, the manager. The manager is not interested in all different individual transactions, but is mainly interested in the overall results for his department in particular as well as in the results of the company at large. Max has questions like: is the FRISS Score supplying good value for its money? Are the gains and losses brought to attention to our company on the right way?

We even added a non-existing business value for Max, the manager, and named this the ‘value of rejection’. 

Of course, all of Max questions were well answered by means of our demo.

Tony, the top manager

After this part, the perspective changes again, and now we are looking with the view of Tony, one of the top managers of FRISSURE.

Tony, the top manager, thinks of changing the acceptance policy of FRISSURE and he wants to know which buttons he must press to maximize the benefits for FRISSURE.

Hackathon the demo 8

Overview for top-management

For this reason FRISSURE offers an app to the top management in which they can push the buttons themselves and look what effects the altered policy will have on the overall results of the company.

The app uses all obtained data from FRISSURE itself and from public data sources. Normally data scientists of FRISS clean these data and use complex algorithms to filter out all kind of complex statistical coincidences to optimize the data results.

The figures behind this app were formulated by Jeroen, our CEO, and Herman, who is in real life a data scientist. After defining the content, Herman would start programming the app, but the duration time of our hackathon was too short to completely code this part of our demo.

Nevertheless, the idea is terrifically good and will make Tony the top manager as happy as can be.

Yes, we can!

Winning team

As I already told yesterday, our team won the competition. The jury stated our story was told energetic and the technical side was supporting the story in a believable way.

I really thank my colleagues for being part of this experience.

I’m looking forward joining the Escape Game and drinking a huge amount of champagne! 😛

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May 5, 2016

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